5 Jan

Conference panels

Conference panels:

  1. Historiography of the Middle East.
  2. Historiography of Iran and Afghanistan: In memoriam of Prof. Alexander L. Grunberg (1930-1995).
  3. Historiography of the Caucasus.
  4. Historiography of Central Asia.
  5. Historiography of India and Southeast Asia.
  6. Historiography of China: In memoriam of Prof. Lev A. Berezniy (1915-2005).
  7. Historiography of Japan: In memoriam of Prof. Victor V. Rybin (1948-2014).
  8. Historiography of Korea.
  9. Historiography of Mongolia, Tibet and Buddhism.
  10. African Studies: “Readings in memoriam of D. A. Olderogge”.
  11. Historiography of the Ancient Orient.
  12. Eurasian Nomads: In memoriam of Sergey G. Klyashtorniy (1928-2014).
  13. Languages of Asia and Africa.
  14. Literatures of Asia and Africa.
  15. Historiography of Islam in Russia.
  16. Round table discussion: “Russia and Asian and African Countries: Documents and Research”.
  17. Round table discussion: “Anthropology of Traditionalism”.
  18. Workshop of Young Scholars in Asian and African Studies – 2015.
  19. Working languages of the Conference: Russian and English.

Time limit for papers: 15 minutes.