5 Feb

The XXVIII International Conference on Historiography and Source Studies of Asia and Africa

Saint Petersburg State University, 22-24 april, 2015

The Faculty of Asian and African Studies of the St. Petersburg State University is organizing the XXVIII International Conference on Historiography and Source Studies of Asia and Africa «Asia and Africa in the Changing World», which will take place in St. Petersburg on 22-24 April 2015.

Conference panels:

  1. Historiography of the Middle East.
  2. Historiography of Iran and Afghanistan.
  3. Historiography of the Caucasus.
  4. Historiography of Central Asia.
  5. Historiography of India and Southeast Asia.
  6. Historiography of China.
  7. Historiography of Japan.
  8. Historiography of Korea.
  9. Historiography of Mongolia, Tibet and Buddhism.
  10. African Studies – “In memoriam of D.A.Olderogge”.
  11. Historiography of the Ancient Orient.
  12. Eurasian Nomads: “In memoriam of Sergey G. Klyashtorniy (1928-2014)”.
  13. Languages of Asia and Africa.
  14. Literatures of Asia and Africa.
  15. Historiography of Islam in Russia.
  16. Round table discussion: “Russia and Asian and African Countries: Documents and Research”.
  17. Round table discussion: “Anthropology of Traditionalism”.
  18. Workshop of Young Scholars in Asian and African Studies – 2015.

Working languages of the Conference: Russian and English.

Time limit for papers: 15 minutes.